Zurich, Schwyz, and around Lake Geneva, Switzerland (2006)

A good friend of mine recently moved to Zurich and has a spare bedroom in his flat--that was all I needed to hear to book a ticket. Thanks, Farid! So, I used Zurich as my home base during my month in Europe (including a couple of weeks of work). First, I visited another friend in Geneva. He just got a motorcycle and we went on a ride around lake Geneva and into the French Alps. In Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, we took the cable car up to 3800m for breathtaking views of Mont Blanc. This day was also enough for me to fall in love with riding a motorcycle (after being against them practically my whole life). Hmmm, knowing me, how long will it be now before I learn how to ride and get one myself? Oh, hi, Mom, I mean, riding a motorcycle is crazy--who would ever want to do that... I also went hiking around Schwyz and then Farid and I drove to Zermatt across the Swiss Alps. Nothing like riding through the mountains on a Porsche and then capping it off with a cable car ride up to 3800m for a close-up look at the Matterhorn! Now that I'm back in Boston, nostalgia has set in, only exacerbated by the 15 pounds of Swiss chocolate I brought back to share with friends and family. After this trip, I definitely understand why people write blogs--so much has happened over the past month! All of these experiences result in so many new thoughts and ideas that I think I could spend a lifetime exploring and writing them down. But who has time to write--there is too much life to live ;)